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This is Mia's bird Oscar. He's  a white faced pearl cockatiel. Mia said, " Oscar is a wonderful bird. I always play with him and he even has his own little toy box with little beads on string, paper and heaps of other stuff! Oscar loves to whistle. He is up everyday at it at 5:00 AM!  He can do lots of different whistles! He loves to fly and nibble on my earrings or other jewelry that I am wearing. I haven't really expanded his diet much yet other than fruit. He mostly eats seeds.  He's so much fun and I really love him.  My first bird flew away 5 months ago. His name was Tu-doe. I miss him so much and when I talk about him I still cry. He was a pied cockatiel.  I was devastated when I lost him. I was watching T.V and the birds (my sister's bird and Tu-doe) were outside.  I don't know how but the cages were knocked over. My neighbor came over and asked if I had lost a bird.  I said no but I went over to check just in case. I looked in a cardboard box and there was my sister's bird but not mine. My dad  and I searched all that night but couldn't find him.  I put notices up everywhere and searched for two months trying to find him. Every now and then a found cockatiel notice comes up at the local store.  I always go and check  but it's never him. I will always love Oscar but will always miss Tu-doe as well."

This precious, female Lutino cockatiel's name is Sherbert! She belongs to Danica. Sherbert is a handtamed, handfed bird that was purchased at a pet shop. Danica had this to say about her birds, "Sherbert does have a mate and his name is Spike. Sherbert and Spike are going to lay eggs soon. Hopefully they will raise a clutch of healthy babies. Sherbert loves to play with her toys as you can see in this picture. Her favorite toy is the one I made out of beads and her favorite vegetable is lettuce. She also loves going outside on sunny days with her wings clipped of course.  She also loves going on people's shoulders. If you hold her she will go right up onto your shoulder as if she owns you! I love Sherbert!!"

Minnie is Larry's new bird. He said, "My fiancée and I had been thinking about getting a bird as a pet for awhile but we weren't sure what type of bird. We talked to a couple of local breeders and decided on a hand-fed cockatiel. We looked at several different birds and finally found Minnie. She was very tame even right at first. She let us hold her right away. Minnie has been so much fun for us the last couple of weeks. She already gives kisses, wants to be near us all the time and she LOVES country music!! We are getting so much enjoyment from her. She likes to help me when I work on the computer. She sits right next to me or on my shoulder. We know we will get years of enjoyment from her and she will get plenty of love from us."

  Meiko, who is just a little over a year old, belongs to Shawna. Shawna had this to say about her little angel. I just love her so much! Meiko is a very tame and relaxed bird. She is very affectionate and lloves giving kisses. She also likes combing our hair with her beak. Meiko likes to eat just about everything from pizza to  cake!! She also LOVES flying all around the house! She always flies from the cage to a ledge then she will chirp. Meiko also likes to play tag and hide and go seek!!! She has mated with our other cockatiel named Mojo and we think she is going to lay eggs soon! I remember when I first got Meiko,. It was on my birthday and I fell in love with her. We seemed to bond together right at the pet store! I just think she is the best bird in the whole world and and she is very special to me! "

Jasper is only 5 months old in this picture. Nicole said, "She's  my little baby and is absolutely adorable. I hope to teach her to say I love you because I say it all the time. She already knows how to  give kisses. She loves to drink juice and soda from my glasss but I won't give it to her because it's not good for her. Jasper really likes to eat millet seeds and my cereal bar instead of letting me eat it. She likes to dance,  which is bouncing up and down, and sit on my shoulder when I'm at the computer. She also sings in my ear (rather loudly). Jasper waddles after me on the floor. When I stop walking she looks up at me and tries to climb up my pants. "Pick Up", the game that toddlers like, is her favorite game. She will throw something on the floor and expect me to pick it up for her. If I don't, she gets mad.  I'm thinking about getting a parakeet to keep her company. My boyfriend's parents babysat her while I went on vacation. She didn't sing or want to be held because she missed me. When she saw me she started singing and whistling again."

This is Jack and he is owned by James. They live in Malaysia.  James said, "Jack is a normal gray, male cockatiel. I bought him when he was about 3 months old. Jack is a very active bird. He can also  sing very well. He can say a few words like "Hello", "Good morning" and "Jack" his own name. I am still teaching him new tricks like somersaulting, moving his head and hopefully more words. I have strong faith in him. He is very eager to learn new things. My darling Jack is not choosey regarding food. He will eat anything we humans eat. Jack does have some favorites like millet seeds, pellets and biscuits. He is just like a son to me. Well, you ,might be thinking, how come? We treat him like a members of the family because we love him so much."

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