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Thomas sent us this picture of his birds Harley and Hawk, a 1- 1/2 year old Normal Gray and a 2 year old Cinnamon Pearl.The happy couple recently finished raising their family of 3 babies a few months ago. Thomas said, "I was a little worried about them because they spent so much time being good parents that they didn't eat as much as they should. They enjoy eating corn on the cob, broccoli, cauliflower, baked potato, chicken fried rice and their favorite, blackberries, right off of my plate. As soon as they are finished eating, they allow me to finish what they don't want. They enjoy their free flight as well as playing with all of the toys inside of their cage." Hawk said "My favorite toy is a mirrored toy that spins. It plays with me ,too. I spin it and it comes back and smacks my head."  "We really love these birds" said Thomas," and do everything we can to make them happy."

Bones is Michele's new lutino cockatiel and he's about 3 months old. Michele said, " I've only had him for a week  and never put him through quarantine, which was a stupid thing to do on my part. Thankfully he has not become ill yet. Bones is adjusting well to his new home . He's following the other birds around and gets along with all of them except for my peach front conure. I can not have the 2 birds on my shoulder at the same time. He's becoming quite a little ham and has  taught himself to climb up the toy attached to the printer! Not all my birds can do this and I am always pleased when I discover one who can accomplish this! He can also fly from the play stand to the window sill with clipped wings, alhough it takes a lot of effort. I plan on breeding Bones one day, so I hope he is a good father."

Ladybird and Snowbird belong to Dustin. Lady bird is a pearl cockatiel that Dustin got from a neighbor who raises cockatiels. She was attacked by some of the other birds there so we let her move in with us. It was a bit odd at first for both of us.She was still scared from the other bird, but we soon became friends. It  worked so well. My mom wanted one too so she also got  a cockatiel.We named him Snowbird. We had to give Lady Bird away because of the dog. I miss her terribly because I really loved her so much."

Momma Bird belongs to Dana. It was love at first sight when they found each other at the pet shop. Dana said," I already had 6 happy birds and didn't need another one, but just fell in love with her. I thought this baby was a male because of the bright cheek patches but was fooled. When I put him in with the other 6 birds he chose a beautiful female as a mate. Shortly thereafter, I found her sitting on the bottom of the cage in a corner. I picked her up and found an egg. That was the first of many, so I let the 2 birds start breeding. So far one egg has hatched and she is sitting on 4 more eggs. I can hear the couple whispering so I know all is well. They are doing everything right and taking turns nesting and feeding the baby."

This handsome bird's name is Charlie and he is loved by Cheryl. Charlie is a gray, male cockatiel who is about 8 months old. Cheryl tamed him herself. Cheryl said," Charlie is very gentle and kind to almost anybody he meets. He gives kisses and greets them by saying hi. Charlie is very vocal and loves to whistle to his favorite music. Since his wings are not clipped, he flies to me whenever I'm eating food. We love Charlie very much and can't imagine life without him."

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