Birds of the Month 2, January 2005
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Faith, and Ella, are Emily's cockatiels. Faith is in the middle and Ella is the bird on the left. The bird on the right is Tia, Emily's friend's  bird. Emily said," Faith, a half olive lutino, but I only see lutino in her.. She has had seven babies with her previous owner. She’s the quiet bird. Faith and Ella have bonded very well together. Faith loves hanging out on her swinging perch in her cage. She is on a seed and little pellet diet. Her favorite food is either bread or anything else I eat that is safe for her.  Faith is a shoulder bird,  always wanting to be on someone’s shoulder. She also bosses around my little Ella sometimes by almost pushing her off her perch.  Faith is a super social and loves everybody. Ella has always been quiet, since day 1 but lately has been more chirpy. She is a normal gray cockatiel and she eats seeds, pellets, fruits, veggies, and enjoys eating with me too. Her favorite snack is banana birdie bread.  She likes to give kisses and I just love her companionship. I'm not sure but I think Ella has been trying to say " hello" lately.  I call her Sweet Cheeks because she and her little cheeks are just so cute!  I haven't had much time to get to know Ella yet, but I already love my little sweetheart!"

Kim sent in this photo of her 4 week old baby cockatiels. One of the babies was not doing very well. He could not hold his head correctly and avian veterinarians suspected that Gizmo had what is referred to as Stargazing. The medical term for this is Polyneuritis. There is no cure for this neurological disease and babies usually do not survive. Symptoms include a twisted head, a head facing backward, the head twirling around thus giving the appearance that a bird is gazing at the stars. Kim said, "Gizmo has fully recovered from the head disorder and is now catching up on a lot of growth. He's still a bit behind his sibling, though. My little bird recovered by himself. I don't know how it happened, but he just started holding his head up on his own. Gizmo was born only 2 days after his sibling, but he hadn't been gaining much weight. He also didn't hold his head up as he should. "Stargazing" was the supposed ailment. Chances that he was going to make it looked slim. Each day, he started to hold his head up a little more. His sibling gave him comfort and motivation to live on. He's recovered completely!. He's catching up in his growth. His crop is always full and it's nearly the same size as his sibling's crop."

Meet Angel and Jasmine. Robert had this to say about his mom's  birds, "Angel, on the left, is about 1 and a half years old. He was the very best Mother's Day present ever, so she says. I believe her since he has brought so much joy and happiness to our family. Angel loves to talk and can say "Good Morning" and "Hello Buddy". He loves to dance, bobbing his head to hip-hop music as he chirps. On the right is Jasmine. She's 8 months old and was a gift for Angel and Mom again. Angel doesn't pay much attention to her at all, although she loves him. Jasmine follows him everywhere but can be bossy at times. She loves to show off her wings by hanging upside down or doing flips in her cage. They both live for head scritches and tons of attention, which we are glad to give them! They are such fun and happy birds. Their days are filled with plenty of activities,  including afternoon naps on the veranda, leisure activities and light exercise in the den, and "Must See TV" in the living room. They are usually so tired by the end of the day they refuse to help clean up the colossal mess they make throughout the house. We love them so much we excuse them and allow them to retire to their cages."

Booger belongs to Eric's daughters, Chelsea and Sarah. Eric had this to say about this pretty little bird. "We found Booger one day while shopping. I went to the grocery store and on our way out of the parking lot I heard a cockatiel squawking, I told my wife to listen because there was a cockatiel calling out. We had all of the windows open in the car and  we followed the noise. We drove behind a Burger King where the dumpster was  kept. Booger was sitting on top of the door to the dumpster. I parked the car, got out and went to her. She was way up on top so I had to do a bit of climbing to get to her. I thought for sure she would fly away the minute I got up there, but she didn't. I put my hand there and she climbed right on. I got down and walked to the car and got in. She sat on my wife's hand the whole way home. It was  lucky that I found her because there are hawks, falcons and owls here in East Tennessee. I thought I should at least try  to save her before she became a meal. So far I have fed her greens, like spinach, and lettuce, also a few grapes and carrots. She likes seeds a lot. For playing, she has ladders in her cage, a mirror with a perch and a bell. Everything is going well, and we hope to have her for a very long time."

This is Cheque and she belongs to Kris. Kris said, "I keep a wire rack in my kitchen for hand towels and washcloths. One afternoon Cheque was playing on the rack after I had just finished doing the laundry. She must have liked the way the cloths smelled because she grabbed one and flew off to the refrigerator with it. Then she grabbed a  second one and flew off with it. Cheque likes to try to walk or fly off with anything she can lift, like pistachio nuts. I wish I could have gotten a picture or her with the washcloths. It was hilarious watching her  wobble-flying with them. She uses her feet to take things when she flies off with them. Cheque uses her beak when playing tug of war."

Kristen owns this adorable little fellow. His name is Legolas. Kristen said she went through a lot of names to find the right one for him. "He is named after a character from 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy. I bought my bird from a breeder that hand fed him. He was one month old at the time. He was mean for the first few days because he had been through a lot getting use to his new home ,but now he is so sweet. At 3 months, he is already doing a 'cat call' and barks like a dog. We have a dog named, Buster. This is my first bird and I absolutely adore him!"

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