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This is Alaina's baby Aaiden. He's a year old in this photo. Alaina said, "Aaiden  hatched on October 22, 2003. He was hatched in my biology class. I call him "My biology project." It was one of the most incredible bonding experience I have ever had with any pet. I was in love with Aaiden from the moment I saw him! I got to watch him hatch, grow, and finally I got to take him home. Today he is quite the lover and talker. He loves to whistle little tunes he picks up from me. His favorite whistle is a Metallica song called "Enter Sandman". He also does the wolf whistle and and other little whistles. He likes to call the dog by whistling to him too.  Aaiden can say "What ya doin?" and he's trying to say "Hey baby", and "Pretty bird." He is still working on how to say "Good morning". Aaiden got his name for several reasons. I know that cockatiels originated from Australia and Aaiden is an Australian boy's name. Another reason is he is very friendly and Aaiden means just that, "Friendly." He just loves head rubs! Aaiden's favorite treats are sunflower and millet seeds. He lives the good life, is spoiled rotten and he is surrounded by people that love him very much!"

This cutie's name is Fuzzle Bear!  He is an Australian Splendid Scarlett Chest and he belongs to Jeanne. She said, Fuzzle Bear is one of three sons and one daughter born to Keely and River. Keely was in Birds of the month last year. As a baby, Fuzzle was tiny and friendly. He greeted me, along with his other siblings  and opened his mouth wide for food. River and Keely let me join in on feeding the kids.  As the babies got older, they all made it clear they wanted Daddy to feed them. By then Daddy had taken over and River was resting on the feedings for the most part. In letting the birds out carefully to fly and explore I discovered that Fuzzle was a slow and relaxed flier. His wings moved in slow lilting motions and he explored the room with ease. So, in this photo, you can see he has flown to the toys and actually he sat for many photographs taken by me!! I named him Fuzzle because he was a relaxed, fuzzy, warm kind of guy!"

These are some of Washington's birds. He said, "Destiny, a normal gray male is a very cute and he has a very good sense of humor. He is also very tame. Destiny is the father of the babies in the nest box. He loves to whistle and sing. Jack, a male Pearl is extremely shy when there are a lot of people around. When I am alone with him he becomes very calm and nice. Hes 4 months old and doesn't have all his pretty feathers in yet. Precious is a female pied. She is very tame and loving. She does not  bite me and is always clinging to me. When she has babies shes kind of shy and doesn't want to play. She knows she has to take care of her kids. I love all of my birds just as much as if they were my brothers and sister. They also treated me like that. They became part of me when they started to love me. I really enjoy playing with my cockatiels with my little nephew Ryan. The birds like playing with Ryan too! My birds are my whole life!"

These are Anna's other 3 birds, Marchy, Goldy and Chima.
Chico and her story about all 4 birds are on page 1.

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