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This is Jessica's baby, Bella. Jessica said," I always wanted a cockatiel because they fascinated me. When I moved out on my own, I got Bella. I immediately fell in love with her. It took a week or so for her to adjust to her new surroundings, but she has become very happy in her new home. Bella is very attached to me. Although she tolerates my boyfriend, she always chooses me over him. Unfortunately, her first home had her on an all seed diet. I'm gradually trying to introduce new foods to her. She is very fond of crushed up Cheerios  and she is beginning to like finely chopped cauliflower and broccoli. She LOVES her millet, but she only gets that as a special treat every week or so. I spoil her rotten and sing to her all the time. Bella always rewards me with lots of birdie kisses. Bella has lots of different toys, but her favorite thing to do is climb all over her cage and do the birdie waltz on her top perch while she sings. I just ordered a birdie gym for her so she will have more things to climb on. I'm crazy about my baby and could go on an on forever about her."

Mango and Grey are Anne's birds. Anne said, "Mango is my baby. I hand reared him from the start. He is so tame and inquisitive. If I'm working in the aviary, putting up boxes, perches and feeding them, Mango loves to either sit on my shoulder or even help out. When I was attaching breeding boxes to the wall, Mango was there to pick up bolts and keep my hair in order. He also loves to cuddle and be pet. I love him so much. Grey isn't tame but she is quite comfy when people are present in the aviary. She is starting to wolf whistle and also whistle the opera Carmen by Bizet. Mango and Grey are such a lovely pair. It's unbelievable how they get along. I wasn't planning on breeding cockatiels. Since Grey started to lay eggs I decided to put up a breeding box for her."

Christine is the proud owner of Buddy, a very vocal cockatiel. Christine said, "Buddy is 5 months old now and he started talking about 3 weeks after I brought him home. Buddy can say 38 words. Some of the words he can say include, "Hello", "I love you", "My name is Buddy", "Want some water", "Good morning", "Buddy hungry", "Pretty Boy", and "Buddy Smart Bird." He can also whistle the theme from the Andy Griffith show. The most amazing thing of all is if I tell him to stay on his cage, he will . Buddy eats a variety of healthy foods. He likes to eat Cheerios, any type of fruit, especially apples, pasta, sweet potatoes, boiled egg, whole-wheat bread, green vegetables, sweet corn and millet seed. I love him so much!"

Julie's little sweetie's name is Kirea (pronounced Keray) which is Japanese for Beautiful. Kirea is now 5 months old. Julie said, "I have had her since she was 2 weeks old. I was purchasing an older cockatiel when the breeder showed me this tiny, bruised and battered baby bird which he was intending to "Put down." Her mother had thrown her out of the nest for unknown reasons. I was simply horrified and pleaded with him to let me try and nurse and feed her to which he reluctantly agreed. I have never hand reared a bird before so I had to learn pretty quickly. I annoyed everyone I knew that had anything to do with birds and read all I could get my hands on to learn. So learn I did and look at her today. We are now inseparable and I couldn't imagine my life without her. Kirea is a happy and health bird who rules my life with an iron beak. She is the best companion and we are well known in town as we go everywhere together. Her favorite foods include peas and corn. She goes berserk if I don't put some of our dinner on her tray. I love this little bird dearly and I know she loves me back."

This is Coco and she has stolen Barb's heart. Coco is 3 & 1/2 months old. Barb said, "I'm not sure if Coco is a girl or boy, but I'm leaning towards a girl. A breeder friend gave her to me. She handfeeds all her birds so Coco was very quick to adapt to her new home. It is so much fun watching her grow up and learn how to do things. She now climbs all over her cage and loves climbing up the front of the couch. She has made our coffee table into her own little playground. Coco loves being with me and gives me kisses whenever I say "I love you." She is so friendly to anyone who visits and loves hopping onto their shoulder. This is the first cockatiel I've had and I can't believe how attached I am to her."

Gypsy and Ozzy are the newest additions to Colleen's family. Colleen said, "Gypsy, a normal gray, is on the right and Ozzy, a gray pearl, is on the left. Gypsy is extremely sweet, loving and can get pretty loud when Ozzy is out of sight. She is so good she even eats some vegetables. Ozzy is a very determined male that has many different sides to him. He can be very loving and sweet but it has to be on his terms. Ozzy is starting to come around to eating his veggies. They both have become very close to each other and to us as a family. We have three cats and a dog named Chance. So far all are adjusting nicely. Gypsy and Ozzy are very closely monitored when they are out of their cage, which is frequently. The cats are more heavily guarded then the president when they are out. Hopefully there won't be any problems. Our dog loves to watch the birds and even wards off the cats when they come into the room. It's almost like he thinks they are his babies. My husband has never had a bird before. He loves them. He laughs at their head movements and some of the silly expressions they get. I told him just you wait as they get older and start coming even more into their personality. You will never want to be without one. We are so happy to have them in our lives."

PeeDee, who gets his picture taken often, belongs to Amy. She found him in the snow in March 2003. He was walking through a gas station when she scooped him up and took him home. She said, "My parents really love to come and visit with their grandbird. I think they would like one as a pet. A cockatiel would make an excellent pet for anybody who stays home most of the time. We  do travel a lot but always take PeeDee  with us.  He seems to enjoy the ride. He likes to sing at the trees when we go through wooded sections. His crown is down and there are happy birdie noises coming from him. He not only sings "Mares Eat Oats and Does Eat Oats" but is really working hard on the Mayberry RFD tune. We all are really enjoying our new little friend and are very thankful that we were able to find him."

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