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These 2 adorable birds, Pika and Ditto, belong to Nicole. She said, Pika (right) and Ditto (left) are about 7 or 8 months old and they are both boys. We got them from a breeder when they were 3 months but we have known them since they were just a couple of weeks old. We went to visit them regularly. Ditto is a very cheeky little birdie and whenever we are having dinner he doesn't mind inviting himself to join in too. It's his fault we have to put them in the cage when we have dinner! He is always chewing up my bracelets or chewing the edge of my homework. They both like listening to the Cockatiel Cottage theme tune. It's their favorite song. Ditto is more cuddly than Pika and he loves scritches! They both love singing to one another and they can both wolf whistle. Pika likes flying around a lot and gets very upset when it's time to go back into the cage. Before we got them we didn't know what to expect because we hadn't had birds before. Now that we have them we can't believe how friendly and playful they are! We just love them to bits and  we wouldn't trade them for the world. They have become such a big part of the family!"

This is Spike and he is Kurt's cherished bird. Kurt said, "I got Spike about three years ago for my birthday. I wanted a cockatiel desperately but my mum said no. Then one day I came home from school and found a beautiful baby cockatiel sitting in a huge cage by the window. He loves to get in the kitchen sink and have baths but only while he is being supervised. He likes to get out of his cage for a pat and loves riding on my shoulder. This is a picture of Spike after a nice bath in the kitchen sink. Spike's favorite foods are carrots,  broccoli and spinach. He is a good boy because he eats all his vegetables and he loves them! At night before he goes to sleep Spike makes a loud grinding sound with his beak, letting me know that he is content. Spike likes getting under my chin for cuddles and every morning he jumps over to the side of his cage for a scritch!"

This is Cheryl's bird Misty. She had this to say about her pretty little girl. "We have 9 birdies right now: 6 adults and 3 babies.  Misty is a very cuddly and tame bird. When she was little, she loved to cuddle and she spent all her time with me. Misty is pretty quiet except when she's ready to lay eggs, then you know she is about to lay. She'll screech when anyone's near her nest. She likes to have a cardboard box for a nest so she and her mate Nicky can chew it up for nesting material.  She lays about six eggs per clutch and we usually get one or two babies from them. Misty's babies names are: Pepper, Snowy, Pixie, Rusty, Piper1, Piper2. She's a very good mom and she's devoted to her eggs and babies. Her favorite foods are Kraft dinners, rice, pizza crust, toast, bread, macaroni, chips and popcorn. She likes to come and eat with me because she knows she'll get something from my plate. Misty has a daily bath which is left out for the birds. She can just go find it and jump in. It's quite a funny sight. Misty is out of her cage all day and she only goes into it to sleep at night. She hasn't been clipped since she was a baby. Misty flies freely  as do all our birds. . She's my gorgeous white faced pearl."

Dufus, who was loved so much by Alison, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on October 30, 2005. Alison shares these memories of her baby with us and said, " Dufus was 15 years old. He may have been a senior bird but he acted as if he was only 3 years old. He was my best friend. I was only 10 years old when we met and we grew up together. He was with me during my teenage years (which sure weren't easy), high school, college, getting married, adding dogs and another bird in to my life. Dufus had more lives than a cat.  He has been to the vet a couple times for some close calls and he lost a lot of feathers when he was frightened by an earthquake. Another time, a dog decided that Dufus would make a nice toy and stepped on his wing. He  screamed so loudly that the dog got scared and left him alone. The dog broke his wing and he was no longer able to fly. I felt so bad and from then on, I started watching him more carefully. Since Dufus can't fly, he just drops down off of his play pen and falls to the carpet on the floor. His hobbies were singing Andy Griffith to his reflection, my head and his food cup. He also enjoyed exploring dark places like closets and under dressers,  I miss him so much. He meant the world to me!"

Crystal sent us this picture of her little angel, Sweetie. Crystal said, " Sweetie is only a few months old and I have only had her for 3 weeks or so and already  I couldn't imagine life without her. We are together every chance we get. I look forward to coming home every day from work just to see her. She loves to whistle and blow kisses at herself in the mirror and tell us all how cute she is. Sweetie loves taking baths in her bird bath and getting her head rubbed. I can't do anything around the house without having her right by my side. She always make me share my dinner with her and she will drop everything just to come and see what I am doing. Sweeties favorite foods are carrots, banana chips, cheerios and anything else she sees anyone else eating. Another few of her past times are cuddling and watching cartoons."

The sweet little birdie peeking out of  the box is Ace and he belongs to Emma. She said, "We adopted Ace from my grandmother who hand raises cockatiels and he was named after the movie Ace Ventura Pet Detective. His crest looks like a little like Jim Carrey's  hairstyle. Sometimes it feels as if Ace is a Puppy or toddler the way he wanders around your feet and follows you around the house. He is beginning to talk and he has learned so sing Pop Goes the Weasel'. Ace just loves socks and tea-towels. He talks to them saying, "hello" and "what cha doing?". He also loves this shoebox with a hole in it. He pokes his head out and talks. Ace is a very spoiled bird. He's out of his cage all day and only goes back in at bed time. At dinner time he knows that he will have a special plate with a sample of our dinner on it. His favorite human food is mashed potato and prawn shells. Ace loves to take showers with us and he has a great time getting soaked! He loves a pat and head scratch  and knows he can win us over by just bowing his head.  I'm very proud of my bird. A few weeks ago, we were taking care of a friend's cockatiel. Ace was very accepting and nice to Chicken. We love everything about Ace and he has made his way quickly into our hearts!  I  hope we will have many more years on with little baby bird Ace.

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