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See how much Mariko loves Hama-chan and how he is allowing her to hold him like a baby!  She's the only person who can handle him this way. Macaws can live more than 50 years. It's heartbreaking that the pet shop wants Hama-chan to spend the next half of his life being inside of a cage like he spent the first half. He should be with  the person he has bonded to and that's Mariko. I wish there was something that we could do to help put pressure on the pet shop to allow Mariko to buy him. Mariko has experience working with and taking care of large birds. She has her own macaw, Marine, which would be a playmate for Hama-Chan. The 2 macaws  genuinely like each other from other pictures that you can see when you visit Hama-chan's website.

These are pictures of some of the holiday presents Cockatiel Cottage Website sent to Hama-chan. Mariko let Hama-chan participate in the festivities by opening the large cardboard box and unwrapping all of the presents in front of him.  I am very impressed with Hama-chan's keen sense of sight and smell. As you can see in the 2nd picture, he noticed the AviCakes immediately. In the 3rd picture you can see how excited he is with his new toys. Mariko put them on the outside of his cage for him to see. I asked Mariko to keep all of the toys and treats at her home and to bring them into the pet shop when they needed to be replaced. She did bring them all in for Hama-chan to see and enjoy first.  He was indeed as happy as a small child on Christmas morning!

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