A Different Bird Food
Submitted by  Vicki and her Birds Sunny, Lily and Tommy


Change amount of ingredients to you bird's preference, but start with 2 cups or seed or pellets-- Pellets if your bird eats seed, Seed if your bird eats Pellets. Mixed nuts for birds (can be bought at pet store) Coconut and other Dried Fruits (Timmy likes Raspberries) Do exact measurements of: 1 large cuttlebone. 1/2 "sprig" of millet, 3 tablespoons sesame or unsalted sunflower seeds. 2 Townhouse crackers.


Put ingredients into a plastic bag. Put that plastic bag in another plastic bag. Put that on a cutting board and put a towel over it. Take a hammer or a meat tenderizer and pound it. Keep lifting the towel to check. When you see a powdery substance on the seeds, that means its done. You do not want the seed to be hulled. Your little Tweety needs to do that. This recipe is great for younger birds since the hulls of the seeds are loosened. There is extra calcium, and you can incorporate extra "Treats" into your birds food.


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