QuickEgg Treats
Submitted by Kay and Her Birds Patches & Ladybird

1 extra-large hard boiled egg white
1/2 of the hard boiled yolk
1/4 c favorite vegetable diced finely 

Mash 1 extra large hard boiled egg white with a fork. Add 1/2 hard boiled yolk and mash together. Place in toaster oven for a short time to heat up and decrease wetness. Add 1/4 c of your bird's favorite veggie on top, but do not mash into egg. Serve when this cools down enough. Remove from cage after 30 minutes.


Note: I usually serve this 2 to 3 times weekly. It's a healthy snack
for a few lovebirds and a few cockatiels. It's also appreciated
daily by lovebirds who are feeding hatchlings.
My lovebirds eat fresh or cooled, boiled sugar peas added to this.

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