Elaine's Bird Bread
Submitted by Elaine and Her MANY Birds.

1 Cup pellets
1 Whole egg, beaten
1 Small jar of strained baby food
(carrots or sweet potatoes because of the
Vitamin A and sweetness.)
A few crumbled Nutriberries


Crumble a couple of Nutriberries into the mixture, because the seeds attract the bird. The seeds in Nutriberries are already shelled too. You want the mixture to be on the dry side, but if it's too dry, add some unsweetened, plain applesauce, preferably organic. Whether cookies or cake,  spray pan or cookie sheet lightly with a cooking spray. Everyone's oven is different and this mixture is a tad different every time, so bake at 350 F  approximately 20 minutes, sometimes as much as 30-35. It's usually more successful to crumble one cookie, or a small piece of the cake at a time into a separate food dish. Keep refrigerated, because there is no preservative. The number and size of your fids will determine how much of it you want to freeze.



Comment: A friend and I, after several different incarnations, came up with this yummy way to get pellets into our cockatiels. We personally prefer Roudybush, because they are nutritionally outstanding but any plain, unflavored pellet would probably work. Be sure to use the one they recommend for your particular species, because of nutritional content. This recipe can be made into cookies or poured into a brownie pan and made into a cake.

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