Microwave Omelets
Submitted by Statia and Her Birds, Sally, Pooh & Nilla

Ingredients & Directions

First, I played with the time on the microwave to see how long it would take to cook the egg completely, 40 seconds on mine. When you add vegetables it takes a little longer because of the water released from the veggies.  Scramble the egg with a fork in a microwave safe bowl. Then put frozen or fresh vegetables in a mini food processor and mince fine. Veggies need to be tiny or they will not soften before the egg is done. Add veggies to eggs then microwave uncovered. Start checking at 30 seconds, adding 10 seconds until cooked through. I've used carrots, green beans, broccoli, sweet peas, corn, romaine, parsley, apple, pasta and pellets. I started doing this because they would eat eggs but not veggies. Now they will eat anything I put in their "egg bowl".


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