Cookie's Sweet Potato Surpise
Submitted by Eleanor & Her Birds Mama & Cookie

2-3 Large, cooked sweet potatoes 
1  broccoli floret, buds sliced off
2-4 baby-mini carrots
1/2 to 1 celery stalk
1/2 to 1 apple, peeled and cored.

Microwave sweet potatoes until soft. Cool and remove skins. While they are cooking, peel, rinse, drain and dry with paper towels other veggies and apple.  Put sweet potatoes, carrots, apple and celery in food processor and puree. With wooden spoon, mix  broccoli buds that you have sliced off. (look like green seeds) If mixture is too watery, add some pellets or microwave another sweet potato. Roll the mixture into small balls and wrap individually in plastic wrap. Freeze and defrost as needed. You can hide any veggie or pellets in sweet potatoes. If your bird doesn't like sweet potatoes, then use white ones.


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