Ellen's Babies
Thank you so much Ellen for sharing this beautiful experience with us.
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Ellen has sent me so many pictures of her beautiful birds. Here are her babies. They are cockatiels (of course)  and their names are Muffin and Honey. They are  ONLY 36 days old  in this photograph.  (3/24/03) Their Mom and Dad decided they weren't going to take care of them so Ellen had to handfed and take care of them. Ellen said,"Now they are the tamest most lovable birds ever.

They were born on February 16th while I was away and somebody was bird sitting for me. I then received a surprise phone call.I had babies! I went to pick them up and was told that the parents weren't feeding them. I have handfed many wild birds that had been abandoned by their parents in my yard. So I already had a good knowledge and plenty of experience in handfeeding techniques. I had to handfeed these babies in order for them to survive. It was such an enjoyable experience as I watched them grow daily. Now they perceive me as Momma. I love my birds.Just recently the babies found out they could fly, when I open the cage door to feed them. They will fly right out and come to my hand. They love to give kisses and they are starting to chirp to the other birds now.


These are Honey and Muffin's parents, Pearl and Bonkers. Bonkers is a mean bird. You can't hold him but he is the daddy of these precious babies. I am trying to tame him but it's hard work." Thank you so much Ellen for sharing these pictures and your experience with breeding cockatiels.


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