Our Awards 3

Another wonderful surprise today! Thank you Ekie
for this lovely award. The pollys are so pretty!

Here is yet another pet lover named Judy. Thank you
Judy for this precious award.I just love it.

Now I really feel like I'm down on the farm! Thank you
Petsburgh Community Leaders for this adorable award.

This beautiful award comes from a champion Budgerigar
breeder in England.Please visit Derek's site to see
his beautiful birds. Thank you Derek for this honor.

Oh my gosh! Another surprise award from Petsburgh.
Somebody entered us in a contest and we won. Thank you
mystery person and all of my guests who voted for this site!

Thank you Nina for Jaco's beautiful award. He certainly
isn't camera shy,judging from his enormous portfolia!

Thank you Bonnie for Maggie's award. She is so cute.
She really is a very shaggy Maggie!


And now, here is another Judy who loves pets.
Thank you Judy for these 2 special awards.

Thank you Greg for this sweet award. I hope these gentle birds
serve as a symbol for people to treat animals with kindness.

Lori this award is absolutely beautiful! What a colorful
bunch of budgies.Thank you so very much for giving it to us.

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