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Meet Spikey, who is owned by Tania. She said, "Spikey is about a year old this month. He has an excellent vocabulary of 9 words and he can sing a few songs. When he's sitting in front of a mirror, he will talk for hours, non- stop. He's a remarkably intelligent bird and a very fast learner. If you ask him for a kiss he gives it to you.  He will not eat any fruit and veggies unless it comes from my mouth.  I now know this isn't good for him.  He loves to go in the car for rides on my husband arm. He also loves to play with my earrings but sometimes he bites too hard on them and it hurts. When we are home,  he has to be out of his cage on me . He's just a big baby. Spikey loves to get his neck rubbed and will gives lots of kisses for that.  He's very fond of our dog and will walk all over him or catch a ride on his back. When I'm doing something  he will ask me "What are you doing".. just as if he understand the meaning. Sometimes I really wonder. Spikey is our pride and joy. Everybody that sees what a great disposition he has asks me "Where can I get one like him?"

Sunny is Carol's 11 week old new bird. She said, "I just got my first cockatiel. Sunny is a Lutino and I think he is just so beautiful, and so sweet. A few weeks ago a friend asked me to take care of her bird while she was on a cruise. By the time she got back, I was in love and wanted to take her bird as my own. Needless to say, she wouldn't even consider it. I shopped and shopped. I looked on the internet and in the papers. My mother found some listings in the paper and I called them all. The lady who had Sunny, sounded so nice that I had to see what she had to offer. I went to her house and there was MY BIRD. I saw him and made a deposit but had to wait until he was fully weaned before bringing him home. In the meantime, I got toys, a cage, a travel cage, food, more toys etc. He is one spoiled little bird and loved very, very much."

Cheeko Babe is owned by Jennifer. She said, "Cheeko is my  5 year old lutino cockatiel.  She loves to be with me all day when I'm home and she never lets me out of her sight. Her favorite thing is for me is rub her stomach and neck.  She really enjoy that and  chirps the entire time. Her other favorite time to be with me is when I'm  eating. She's always there for a taste and likes tasting everything I have. Cheeko's favorite food is pasta with cheese and veggies. The one thing she hates is getting a bath by herself. She likes to walk around in the shower with me. Cheeko also likes playing with shoe laces and snuggling. Sometimes she gets her exercise by walking around the house. When I'm not around, she has 2 other roommates to hang out with. Their names are Mitiz and Dante. They are my other 2 cockatiels. They usually all get along but sometimes they don't."

Raquel sent in this picture of her sister's bird Sammy, a beautiful Sun Conure. Sun Conures are very playful and active birds but they can be very loud if you don't give them enough attention. Raquel had this to say about Sammy, " He is both a playful and clumsy bird. He loves giving kisses to everyone he meets and his absolute favorite thing to do in the world is rolling around in his little bath. After his bath, we take him out and wrap him in his favorite towel. He will soon fall asleep in our arms. What a sweetie!!!" Raquel has a cockatiel. She's on the first page.

Bobbin is a fully weaned baby bird that Gary recently got. Gary said, "I named him Bobbin because he enjoys bobbing up and down. He loves to to snuggle and is is a real snuggle bug. Bobbin also loves having his head stroked, playing and jumping. He's  learning to whistle all kinds of sounds. Bobbin also enjoy taking a shower with me. He  usually sits on the curtain rod overlooking the shower and sometimes I'll flick a little water at him. Once he flew down into the shower and I had to pick him up quickly so  he wouldn't drown.  Bobbin is a growing boy and has a good appetite. He is already eating grapes, peas, apples and all kinds of stuff that's good for him."

Sandi sent in the 2 most recent pictures of her baby birds, Porky and Miss Piggy. Sandi said," My babies are now 5 weeks old. The dark top one is Porky and the yellow top one is Miss Piggy. They are the sweetest babies and they cry for my husband to take them out to play. They both have learned how to fly now so we have clipped their wings. I think their mother is trying to wean them because they seem to be begging her for food now. They are also starting to eat a little on their own too. Their mother has started to lay eggs again but we have taken them away from her because she still has these guys. Besides, the father has not lived with them since they were born. I hope I can't find homes for them so I can keep them both!"

Tucker and Bailey are owned by Michelle. She keeps them in separate cages because Bailey is a little territorial.  Michelle said, "They get along wonderfully outside the cage.  It was love at first sight when I saw Tucker (gray) in pet store. He was the most relaxed and snuggly bird in the bunch and we bonded quickly once I brought him home. A few months later Bailey (white face) joined the family. He's the total opposite of Tucker. Tucker is snuggly, full of kisses, and just a sweetheart, Bailey is more adventurous and would rather play with the toys in their toy box. They are quite opposite in the vocal area too. Tucker is a chirper and sings with music. He also tries to imitate the robins in the yard. Bailey is the loud one. I usually wake up to a combination of an alarm clock that runs on electricity and an alarm clock that runs on seeds. He wolf whistles, sings "charge", blows kisses, mimics a ringing phone and does a mean chicken clucking. The boys, are on a seed diet, but get plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. They love all kinds of "nummies". Pieces of cheese, scrambled eggs, fruit, and popcorn  are always a hit. Tucker is known for diving into a bowl of popcorn. If they just see a box of Cheerios the begging begins! I don't know or even want to imagine what my life would be like without these two. I grew up with cats and dogs but I my heart has been permanently stolen by two little feathered men!!"

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