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Nipper, a new father, belongs to Kim and is one of her many pet birds. In this photo he is telling her that he wants to come see. Kim said, "Nipper is always the most fun. He is very outgoing and LOVES attention. Nipper can say his name, imitate laughing, wolf-whistle and whistle that baseball thing my husband taught him. Since Nipper has become a father, he is a little more stand-offish. He gradually became very aggressive right before Squawk laid her eggs. When she laid the first egg we finally understood why his temper was flaring up so often. Since the babies have hatched, he is beginning to get back to normal. He once again begs to be held, but still has an edge about him which is quite understandable for a new father! By the way, he has been an amazing father. Although inexperienced, the pair has impressed me with their devotion to their young."

Baby Bird is one of Kim's baby birds and Nipper is the proud father. Kim said, "Baby is a runt and is often chased away from the treat bowl. Baby Bird, along with all our other tiels run to their dishes at treat time! Just crinkle a bag in that room and youíll feel obligated to hand over a Nutri-Berry or two! We give him his own special treats in his cage so that he can have his own personal stash. It is kind of heart breaking to see a bird so unaccepted by his peers but then I suppose humans are similar in that respect. We are not sure why he is not accepted other than that he is physically smaller than the other birds and very mild-mannered. Baby Bird loves millet. You might say "All birds love millet." Not like this guy! Iím convinced that heíd go on a hunger strike for millet if he didnít get it now and then! Baby doesnít mind being held (especially at treat time) but really isnít a people person. He wonít bite but right before he jumps up on my finger heíll let me know that Iím interrupting his birdie activities by giving me a quiet little hiss and maybe an impatient peck!"

This little bird has an original name, Buzz Saw! She is a one year old blue variegated budgie. Michelle said,"Buzz may be small, but she's got a lot of energy packed in that small body of hers! She is living a relatively easy life full of adventure, food and stealing toys from her cockatiel buddies! In June, she decided to lay a clutch of five eggs in the top drawer of her granny's portfolio dresser. She guards it diligently and will chase off the cockatiels if they venture too close. Her best friends are Bones, a budgie who was featured in July's Birds of the Month, Sky Dive and Sling Shot the cockatiels. Buzz tries playing with them by bonking beaks, but the cockatiels don't like this and run away. Poor fid!"

Sunshine and Green Bird are 2 more of Kim's birds. They are very devoted to one another. Kim said, "Hands in the cage are "Very scaryĒ (as my hubby says). Sunshine is a Lutino and a very beautiful keet. Green Bird is my husbandís favorite. They are so sweet because at times they will sit on the same swing together and groom each other. They are always together. When they are free in the room, Green Bird will stretch and fly while Sunshine waits patiently for his return. Upon his return he will of course groom himself, but Sunshine always kicks in and helps out.It is a really awesome experience just to watch them together."

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